Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Yes I will admit I'm making an organic chemistry reference here.  Resonance structures are the different forms that the same molecule can take.  The charges and bonds are constantly flipping all around the molecule never staying in one place for long.

I am blown away by the comments on my last post.  I really had no idea that so many of us have some version (or resonance) of the confidence story.  Well, maybe some part of me knew, but seeing it written down was eye opening.  The other common theme I noticed was that one special horse (often chestnut) that helped us all heal.  How blessed we all are for those special beasts to arrive when we most need them.

On another note, it is warming up into the 50's here and raining on top of the snow that hasn't melted.  While I want to complain I am instead saying, "yeah full reservoirs, yeah irrigation water, yeah lower hay prices!"

Is it a lake or a driveway?


  1. Oh no! Another science word. I can't remember the last one.

  2. I love science cat! Especially when he talks about physics!

  3. I'm with SB & a science forgettor (yep new word folks)
    Hope rain washes away all the snow & that warmer weather defrosts all the things!

  4. I will gladly trade your rain for the foot of snow we are getting tonight. On top of the snow we still have :(

  5. I loved the last post as well, especially because you do seem so brave! Very well written too. As a fellow science geek, while molecular resonance is great, my personal favorite is physics resonance as best visualized by the old Tacoma Narrows bridge: :) Science rocks!