Thursday, February 27, 2014

Soap soap soap soap Balm!

So Tuesday on my way to school I checked the mail and what did I find?

So excite!
My prize from Hillary!  The balm was a total surprise too, I was just expecting the soap.  I left the soap open in my car on the drive to school, and it was like spa day.  I call it Lavender Bliss, and while the balm doesn't have a specific scent it smells lovely as well (hints of cocoa anyone?).  I have been wanting to try these products for years, but have never bit the bullet (broke college student and all).
Zelda checks things out (yes those are saddle pads on my kitchen table)
I cleaned my boots before I went to class, they sighed with contentment.  Last night as a treat for (I think) doing well on a BioChem exam I cleaned Bridger's bridle.  While it wasn't really dirty, it was the only bridle I had that hadn't been cleaned since its last ride.
Already shiney
Note: Bridger was totally kick a$$.  He was consistent on the bit and trotted perfectly.  He hadn't been ridden since about the first of December due to weather.  In fact a bird flew up by his face and he took one small spook step and that was it, he is growing up!
Post clean and condition
Both products are lovely and my hands felt great after using them.  As you use the soap and it warms from your hands on the bridle the subtle vanilla scent become more apparent over the lavender scent.  I love lavender, but sometimes it does't smell right (read: cheap room sprays).  The Higher Standards smells like a spa, it is divine. Zelda even tried a lick of the balm, it smells that yummy!  I'm seriously that crazy girl carrying tack cleaning products around with her to show her friends...luckily they are crazy horse girls too.  The consensus is that the smells are amazing, the packaging is attractive and profession looking, and they work great!  Now to find a equally good smelling lavender vanilla room freshener.

Thanks again Hillary!  And thank you to Libby over at Higher Standards she has been such a generous supporter of the blogging community.  The package even had a few candies and a sweet handwritten thank you on the instructions card, I'm the one who should be writing a sweet handwritten thank you!

Diva's tail
The last couple of days have been absolutely glorious weather and I squeezed in a bit of riding between classes and tests.
No photoshop here

Or here, just an incredible morning
Gus the equitation horse
Gigi struts her stuff
Today the farrier comes out to do my guys, woot woot!  Meaning, tomorrow all the riding will commence!


  1. I'm a recent Higher Standards convert too :)

  2. Yeah! Love higher standards and riding and all the things.

  3. That soap smells good enough to eat!

  4. The Higher Standards products are growing on me.. I am really loving the balm but still deciding about the soap.

    It all smells DIVINE though!

    Woo hoo spa day for all the ponies feet!

  5. Yay fun products and pony pedicure day!

  6. I officially need to buy this soap. For realz.

  7. Sorry for the comment spamming...but I saw this and had to share!