Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Funday

Quick post.
The sprinklerbandit and I drove across southern Idaho and back today to pick up a horse for a friend/client of mine.  We hit the road at 7 and made it home by about 3.

Then I headed out to feed with an inkling that I might ride.
This is actually post ride
And the morning wind and 12 hours without rain indeed meant that the mud was starting to dry up enough to go for a walk!  So we did!
Diva's first ears shot of the year!
Diva was loving the attention and was a gem to ride.  We just walked around and worked on bending and moving off my leg, all of which she did in an amiable manner.  Yay Diva!
And because it is Sunday no one can judge me for some very happy I rode my horse selfies!

Best horse ever!
And finally two shots of the sunset!  We are finally getting some color back in the sky! (wow please excuse the exclamation mark overload)

Spring is on the way, don't loose hope!


  1. Woohoo for saddle time & beautiful sun pics - as always! You have fab sun/skyline shots.
    Ps: can you tell us more about new horse & maybe share pics if client doesn't mind?
    ♥ me some pictures

    1. For sure...I just have to get some pictures first;)

  2. I'm glad it's starting to warm up there! Hopefully a miserable winter will mean a mild summer :)

    1. Fingers and toes crossed...111 last summer was much too warm!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm so happy to see color in the sky again!