Sunday, October 27, 2013

A photo shoot and a trail ride

I have so many pictures I want to share.  So here goes:
Fall colors

Warming up long and low

Stepping fancy

Cantering like a boss

So pretty!
Yes, so Bridger continues to do well.  I am finally enjoying him, and he seems to be buying into the idea of work.

Then this happened:
Diva went on a trail ride!
Looking west and north

Looking east, the tallest peak is actually a ski hill!

She doesn't kick we were just playing dress up

Post trail ride bliss

The group, yes we all wore pink on purpose

Diva just chillaxin'
She. Was. So. Freaking. Amazing!  Head down, loose reins, not a spook in her.  I had a sore face from smiling so much!

Thanks to sprinklerbandit for the great Bridger pictures and the pink ribbon!


  1. yay for good trail rides, I do miss that so much! Glad Diva behaved, and love the pink!

  2. Love the Bridger pictures. He looks fantastic.

  3. Do you have any shots that aren't gorgoeous?

    Hahaha, looking great!!!!

    1. I have a funny non gorgeous spooking pic of Bridger, I will post it:)

  4. Amazing pictures!! Love them all.. looks like so much fun, all of it!