Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bridger's adventures continue

I love autumn!

So the day after I wrote my last post about Bridger being a good boy he decided to try his hand at refusing to let me get on (gotta love a baby).  Little did he realize, I have red, yeah, I got on.  Eventually.  The next day we cut the time in half to only about 13 minutes to get on, and the next day I got right on, but he tried to take off.  WTF.  The funny part is that once I'm on I have great rides.  Walk, trot, canter, sharp transitions, and leg yields.  Ok Ok, so not all great.  He tries to stick his head in the air in the canter and sometimes forgets how to turn (again gotta love a baby).
How do you get a horses ears forward?
Today I got on him without any antics, he was tense, but thought things through.  After I rushed off to school sprinklerbandit was nice enough to hold him while he had body work done.  Since I am putting him up for sale I thought that having all his parts in the correct location would be good.  He was out at his poll, right shoulder and left hip.  I am supposed to do some backing exercises from the ground with him so he can feel where everything is.  His back was in great shape, yeah!

Now for the real reason y'all are here, pictures!
Can't wait to see this more developed

Not thrilled with my position

Need to get my lower leg more under me

He is going to have a nice neck!
 Thanks to sprinklerbandit for the great pics!


  1. Yay fall weather and good pics! He's coming along nicely. Babies are hard, its all good then they have their baby days.

  2. The whole "if I can just get on..." thing is super familiar. Ah babies :-)