Friday, October 18, 2013

Really mom I'm a good boy

So yesterday Eugene and I hauled Bridger into where Gunner lives (where Diva was a few weeks ago).  I was short on time so we just got him settled in and then I went back this afternoon to ride him.  Reports were he behaved himself pretty well and was just a bit worried about life.  While I rode Gunner they turned Bridger out next to Gigi (who promptly tried to teach Bridger the ways of the world and acted like a total hussy) and he just quietly grazed (and wondered what Gigi's issue was).  Gunner is rocking the dressage recently, but his warm ups have been longer and longer to work the stiffness he got his adequan shot today.  Next week I'm hoping for some lubed up Gunner joints.  Then it was Bridger's turn.  I put him in the cross ties (which he has experience with from before I got him) and he stood perfectly still.  I led him into the arena and got on.  Ok, I didn't just get on we played the highly unentertaining game of turn and face the mounting block for a while, then I got on.  He was a bit tense, but after some easy walk circles that got progressively bigger we went and trotted and cantered all around the arena.  Bam.  I was really impressed with him.  A four year old in a new place, no lunging, no antics, just whatever.  That said, I'm still putting him up for sale.  My friend in Georgia said it best, "You just can't beat another OTTB."
Just chillin'
Say whaaaa?  Did you notice that guys?  Another OTTB?
Nope sorry not answering that question.
"Diabolical laugh"

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