Thursday, October 17, 2013


This week has been rather disjointed.  I blame it on last weekend, but I can't even seem to keep track of what day it is.  I've been riding, but I don't have any pictures, as nothing super exciting has gone down in horse land.  Husband did end up coming home for the week on Wednesday, yahoooo!!!!

You want to know what else is nice...?  Kittens!
Charlie looking forward to the kittens arrival

He loves his new friends

Panda and Zelda (they came already named)

Zelda has freckles

And already likes to sleep on saddles
Squee so cute!
 I can't remember if I ever mentioned Lester or Cloey here, the two best cats ever.  Seriously, Lester would sleep in my arms like a teddy bear.  Cloey was Eugene's cat and they were very close.  The two kitties were indoor outdoor cats and mostly stuck around and ate the occasional bird and mouse.  Then they both went missing on the same day.  I checked all the shelters and no luck.  Then the nice neighbor lady (whose house I often saw Lester going in and out of) told us that the grumpy neighbors had tried to trap her cats in the past, but she caught them.  That is the only thing we can think that happened and it breaks our hearts.  If I think about it too much I start to cry, but that is the joy of indoor/outdoor cats in town.  It has been about two months since they went missing and Charlie the dog was getting more and more lonely with out his kitty firend (Lester and him would wrestle for hours and then snuggle together for a nap).  A friends cat had we have two.  Long story short, I couldn't decide which one and my big tough husband said, "get both, one might get lonely."  I love him!
Best friends (Lester and Charlie)
The new kitties will live inside full time!