Friday, October 11, 2013

Ok Ok

Here I reveal part one of the mystery.  Bridger is going up for sale!  A serious weight of my shoulders.  He has turned into a fun horse that is straight forward to ride, in a confined space.  He needs a home that wants to ride in a dressage arena everyday, not out across fields and such.  He is a round hole with a square peg for me, I'm excited to find him the perfect home.
We did a confirmation photo shoot with him last night, I need to go through about a million shots and will share after I do.  There are some seriously entertaining scenes!  Think epic Mojito faces.

In other news, I'm headed to Fresno this morning to see my husband and then drive our truck home while he heads to Phoenix with his car and the horses with the shipper.  SO Excited to see him!

Yesterday I also rode Diva and you guessed it, she was great!  Well actually she was a bit pissy about working on circles so we took off across part of the hundred acres.  I haven't ventured too much other than right around the barn area and the one trail ride that the sprinklerbandit took with me.  We started out with some loops returning to where we usually ride, mostly for the sake of the grey boys and then it was off into the distance.  We rode down to where the indoor arena will be put up, over near the creek bed, around the hay barn, through some trees, and across some varied terrain.  She didn't bat an eye, my reins were long and she just powered out.  Uhhh, try to keep us in now, adventure day will be everyday!!!!!
Indoor will be towards that

Future xc course
Looking towards the dry creek bed,
gallop sets anyone?
 I picked up a 81" saxon for Diva.  Not my favorite brand, but good to have back up blankets, I will keep looking for something nicer.  It was barely used and only 40$, worth it.  Slightly scary, it just fits, like if she grows any it won't be long enough.  0_o  Seriously!?
Please stop growing

 So this impending road trip is in all-a-y'all's favor, I may get bored enough to share what the more exciting second part of my big surprise is!
Hint: I am carefully following this guys entries.