Sunday, October 6, 2013

Adventures in sage

If Bridger had gone on the trail ride it would have been 'adventures in space.'  But he didn't I got to ride my friend's mostly trusty Arabian, Topper.  I rode him once about a year ago on a rather lengthy conditioning ride, this time was a laid back long walk as he is returning from an injury.
Last year, headed up a big big hill

Further up the hill
I really love trail riding (on the right horse), it brings back memories of my roots in endurance.  Its like it lines up the world and shakes your thoughts into the right places.

I couldn't believe how many ladies I knew were at the trail head headed back as we headed out, so nice to see dressage riders stretching their limits.  Off we went me, my endurance friend, sprinklerbandit, and another fellow eventer from out of town.  The four horses were going two different paces and we naturally broke into pairs with several hundred feet between.  Arabs in the back, eventing horses in the front.  I had to laugh a bit that the endurance horses were slower, granted I use the term loosely as Topper really thinks he is a dressage horse, and the other arab was only on her 3rd trail ride since starting her second career after racing (yes around a track like thoroughbreds do).
She says this is much more interesting than turning left.
Topper was a little obnoxious, but considering it was his second ride after some time off he did great.
Classic Topper attitude

He says, "Now you try to strike a pose Lindsey." 
"Oh goodness look away from the camera Lindsey, think 'blue steel' like me!"
Finally not making an awkward face!
The weather was perfect and the views absolutely glorious!  Typical of the high desert, when the sun dipped below the horizon the temps started a drastic drop making the last part of the ride just a bit chilly.
Finishing with the sun only touching the tips of the hills
Looking out across the valley, those mountains in the distance are a solid 50 miles away

Bam, inspiring vista

Riding the ridge
Today I rode Diva in the field while the boys were locked in their new pen that I built on Friday.  I fell in love with her all over again.  We just cruised around and she had a swinging walk and a relaxed demeanor.  I got Bridger out to ride, but we ended up just grooming as the rancher to the west turned out cows on a new section and they were very distracting (and I wasn't in the mood for a fat lip).
He did agree to having his picture taken:)


  1. Oh man I am so envious of all that SPACE you guys have. Boo sucks to suburbia!
    Had a laugh at Topper's blue steel too :D

  2. Wow, that looks like an awesome trail riding area! I am a bit jealous! Topper does give quite a bit of attitude in his photos. So cute!

  3. Great pictures! Looks like lots of fun :-)