Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Award and Contest

I want to thank TBA for nominating me for the Sunshine award!  It is for people who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.  The nominee must thank the person who nominated them, answer the ten questions, and nominate 10 blogs.

The Owls Approve is running a contest for a new company with some products I am really interested in.  There is the brightening shampoo (Mojito anyone?), the tea tree shampoo (I love tea tree oil), and the de-tangler (my sensitive hands are always on the lookout for products that work great and don't burn my skin).  Hope I win so I can keep away the winter scrunge.
Already getting muddy

Ok onto the questions.
1. Mares or geldings?  Either one, I've really loved some mares and I've really loved some geldings.
2. English or Western?  English is where my main goals lie, but a major bucket list item is learning to rope.
3. Younger or older horses?  I prefer the fulfillment of bringing a young one along, but you can't beat lessons on a schoolmaster!
4. Have you trained a horse from ground zero?  Yes, several.  That said, if it is trying to be crazy rank (like smashing a round pen) I'm not opposed to a good cowboy for the first month or two.
5. Do you prefer riding or ground work?  Love to ride, but I do like to establish manners, control, and finesse before I ever get on.
6. Do you board your horse or keep him/her at home?  I've done both and both are great.  Feeding your horses in PJ's can be both wonderful and embarrassing (story for another time).
7. Do you use all natural things or commercial stuff (the products you use)?  What ever works?  I try to keep to more natural ingredients, unless it is August, then I'm all agent orange those flies, die die die!
8. All tacked up or bareback?  I ride too many crazies for much bareback, tack please!
9. Equestrian role model?  Oh goodness who to choose?  I'm going to go with my long time trainer and dad #2 Ernie.  I've never really seen him angry with a horse, lay down the law, yes, but angry, no.
10. What is your one main goal while in the horse world?  I used to say the Olympics, but politics be crazy.  So, I'm going to go with competing at the **** level!  Go eventing!

Blogs to nominate:
Fourmaresnomoney: Hasn't updated much, but she brings me sunshine all the time
FBX: keeping being a mom awesome!
On a Steel Horse: Horse hiatus, but amazing English adventures
The California College Student: Not currently horsey but still sunny

I know some of you were already nominated, no worries, just thanks to you for sharing your sunshine:)  And to those that aren't doing horses currently, again thanks for the smiles, and if you want change the questions and pass the love on past the horse world go ahead:)

Zelda passing out kitten sunshine!

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