Saturday, October 5, 2013

Toe trims

News bulletin here...Mojito just got his new shoes sans drugs and twitch.  The farrier and I were thrilled!  We really took our time and he would hit each hoof with the hammer until Mojo figured he didn't need to throw a fit and then we would go to work.  Keeping the pace slow really made a difference for him, he is the type of horse that once he gets a bit crazy he stays that way.  By the end his eyes were half shut, I was so happy to share my fun horse with the farrier, he won't think I'm nuts anymore.  Diva also got new shoes and her feet are looking really nice.  Bridger was passable and just got trimmed, he seriously has amazing feet.  Mojito actually has great feet too, but I keep front shoes on because he has a tendency to wear his toes off first and get a bit clubby.  I didn't take any pictures of their feet, boring, but I will share some sunsets and sunrises from recently.
Mojito likes a good view

Sunset over the little ponies

Sunrise on the way to feed my guys

a fall sunrise

A sparkly morning after rain

Sunrise make even road construction pretty

Sunset after an incredible storm came through.
I sometimes wonder about poets' tendency to over write about things like sunrise and sunset.  Then I will be enveloped in the rays of a glorious sunrise and as though it brings my creative blood to the surface, I start thinking in sentences ridden with convoluted usage of adjectives and personified objects.  Someday I will write a book, or many books.  They will books that transport you to another place or another life, an escape from whatever your norm is.  With a landscape so rich it leaps from the pages and fills your living room, I want to write a book that can't be put down.


  1. Wow, those are some gorgeous shots! Glad everything went well with the farrier visit.

  2. Love those shots! Glad the farrier visit was a success :-)

    1. Thanks, we will just pretend half of them weren't shot while driving!

  3. One thing I love about the west is the massive expanse of sky. :) It reminds us how small we are and completely overawes us with it's beauty.

    1. Yes, yes it does. I try to appreciate each vista, incase the next place I live doesn't have them like we do here.